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Atticus Mooney crafts experiences that bring you closer to yourself through creative expression, movement and music.

Changing the world is an inside job. It can be fun and we can do it together.

Serving my purpose with passion

I aim to create spaces that empower individuals and communities through creative expression, particularly through movement or embodiment. I’ve found that the most effective pathway to sustained learning, connection and empowerment is through play. In fact, science straight up tells us that; play is the way.

When we come to a dance floor that’s been curated to support a lucid, vibrant and ecstatic experience, we empower ourselves and each other. It’s a naturally occurring process that sparks vitality, radiance and magnetism.

A yoga practice supports the free flow of dance with necessary structure and discipline to expand its boundless counterpart. It’s the earthy bank to the river; the sturdy ledge for the waterfall. A yoga practice cultivates deep listening and body awareness that heightens your sensuous experience of life - on and off the dance floor.

My DJ sets are deep, melodic, earthy and primal; at times, they’re just comic relief and pure ridiculousness. I craft dynamic sets that inspire movement to match. I believe we’re having a conversation when I play - I receive feedback in your movement and you from my sounds. Together we make an expression of art that will never occur the same way twice!




Atticus guides a group & holds space as great as the best leaders I know. Her events are heart opening & enlivening. They help grow & more tightly weave our heart centered community.
— Yonah L.
Atticus is a very powerful and inspiring being! She is my favorite DJ in DC and a total visionary. Some people have the gift of transforming and uplifting their communities just by being themselves—Atticus is one of them. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience her light.
— Carmelle L.
Brilliant sets and lovely ceremony leadership.
— Michael S.