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Serving my purpose with passion

I aim to create spaces that empower individuals and communities through creative expression, particularly through embodiment. I’ve found that the most effective pathway to sustained learning, connection and empowerment is through play. In fact, science straight up tells us that; play is the way.

My work is to reveal and promote pathways to play. When we can release the grip of creating for an outcome and jump into organic, spontaneous creation for the sake of the journey, life itself becomes artistic expression and joy radiates. This is the magic I facilitate. I design spaces and experiences that help to cut through the density of the mind and deliver you to reverent awe of your body-mind connection.

Whatever the channel and expression for your pathway to play, I can help you uncover and embrace it.


Delivering experiences at:

Atticus guides a group & holds space as great as the best leaders I know. Her events are heart opening & enlivening. They help grow & more tightly weave our heart centered community.
— Yonah L.
Atticus is a very powerful and inspiring being! She is my favorite DJ in DC and a total visionary. Some people have the gift of transforming and uplifting their communities just by being themselves—Atticus is one of them. Don’t miss an opportunity to experience her light.
— Carmelle L.
Brilliant sets and lovely ceremony leadership.
— Michael S.