Let’s get embodied.

My mission is to empower individuals and communities through creative expression. I curate movement and music experiences that spark connections.

I feel most alive when I’m immersed in movement. My senses are heightened. Awareness of my environment, and my connection to it, is sharpened. Throughout my life I’ve learned to play to improve my work; to move often in order to sit still; to shake things out to feel steady.

I’ve recognized the value of creativity in building strong individual character and community bonds. Creative expression is one of the most fundamental pillars of a happy, empowered and fulfilling life. It’s also the most easily forgotten or neglected.

As a movement incendiary, artist and facilitator there’s nothing greater than sharing the excitement of creativity and movement with others. I consistently aim to coax the creative genius out of shyness, seriousness and stuck-ness. I utilize a number of tools and techniques that heighten mind-body connection so you can curate an exquisite life; your exquisite life.

My mission is to empower…

individuals and communities through creative expression. Play, curiosity and exploration reconnect us to the power of our incredible imagination, foster confidence and bolster our autonomy.

This is the magic I offer you.

Spaces and experiences for you to remember your power and to come alive, fully.

What’s the one thing we all have in common? Bodies. They have infinitely unique expressions, but we all have one, and that body is your greatest tool for navigating an incredibly fulfilling and impactful life. That’s where I come in. I help you to understand the messages of your body and translate the embodied sensory experience into action.

I draw inspiration from lifelong studies in myriad movement modalities including classical ballet, modern dance, Contact Improvisation, Somatics, yoga, meditation, conflict resolution, Authentic Relating Games, leadership and more.

The events and experiences I curate, consistently aim to unite an outstanding range of inter-racial, inter-generational and socioeconomic representations because that's what this earth dance is about: celebrating our common unity, not the boxes we’re assigned to convince us that we're different.

Changing the world is an inside job. Let’s start with you.

I’m based in Washington, D.C.

My work is celebrated as some of the city’s most exciting and influential in shifting social paradigms through events that demonstrate how the world can be and how each of us plays a role in anchoring that vision. I host a range of offerings that are as diverse as the humans that my work serves: artists, parents, youth, professionals and executives.