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Embodiment Coaching is a physical, emotional and cognitive approach to personal development that elevates the body-mind-heart conversation to priority. Coaching programs with me are intended to be deep dive excavation of your resources and barriers. I’ll be your trusty side-kick, helping you to access and trust your resources. I’ll also deliver genuine (sometimes tough) reality checks that stretch you out of your comfort zone and away from subconscious sabotage.

This is coaching that will illuminate how your mobility is shaping your perception and how your perception is mirroring your mobility. We’ll explore your life on a cellular level. It’s fractal stuff. This style of coaching not only helps you to establish and achieve your goals, it will also transform your relationship to your body. It will open channels of wisdom. It will ignite fires of passion. It will churn your exquisite genius. It will metabolize your deepest fears into momentum.

You’ll learn how to commune with your soul through your body. And this channel will become your most potent asset.

I’m absolutely convinced through my personal experience and as witness to countless others, that if you can learn to understand your body’s messages, you can achieve a life that actually makes you feel alive.

More information regarding intentions, packages and availability will be posted soon. If you’re interested, please apply below so you can be at the top of my list when I open a limited number of spots each season!


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