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Embodiment Coaching is a physical, emotional and cognitive approach to personal development that prioritizes the body as the primary access point for transformation. I use a range of tools including movement, meditation, writing, intuitive exercises and vocalization to help access the wisdom of your somatic, or embodied, experience.

This is coaching that will illuminate how your physical mobility is mirroring your perception and how your perception is shaping your mobility. This coaching methodology not only supports you to define and achieve your goals, it will also transform your relationship to your body. It will open channels of wisdom you’ve forgotten how to access, interpret or integrate. It will ignite the fire of your passions. It will awaken your unique genius. It will metabolize your deepest fears into momentum for your most elevated desires.

I’m absolutely convinced through my personal experience and as witness to countless others, that if you can learn to speak the language of your soul through your body and movement, you can achieve a life that actually makes you feel alive.

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