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Movement: Liberated

Remember not so long ago when yoga was fringe, even weird? Dance modalities are riding a similar wave. Our ancestors once danced around a fire on the earth for prayer, entertainment and even mating rituals - hey, we still do! Dance was, and continues to be, an initiation of a spiritual experience greater than words can express. Dance allows us to have intimate conversations with and reflections on that great Spirit.

It’s the language of the soul.

Ecstatic Dance is a modality within the global movement of Conscious Dance that’s sweeping through major cities and small towns alike. What makes Ecstatic Dance a unique form is its attention to the music. It elevates music to the highest position - sort of like eliminating the clergy - music is your direct line to Spirit. No one talks on this dance floor because it’s not needed. The Ecstatic Dance DJ set journeys through a dynamic range of genres and tempos, weaving a story for you to explore and embody. The high-quality and varied music helps to keep your presence focused and your movements spontaneous.

You may dance alone, immersed in a personal experience; or you may find yourself bopping around in a group with tongues hanging out, growling and feet stomping; or you might roll around on the floor and embody a fish in the sea. Honestly, it can get as weird and experimental as you can imagine. The best part: nobody cares. And yet everyone celebrates when you do what makes you feel most alive!

Ecstatic Dance DC is the dance-iest dance floor in all of DC. Hands down. It’s the first of its kind in the Washington, DC metro area, founded in 2016 by Atticus Mooney. An incredible diversity of people show up to dance. Our barefoot, non-verbal, lucid space is curated for you to let loose, play, commune with your body, and connect with others in a vibrant and healthy setting.

Atticus is the founder and resident DJ/Facilitator of Ecstatic Dance DC. There are many guest DJs visiting from around the globe who come to grace our dance floor with unique sounds, composition and presence from their local Ecstatic Dance communities.