What’s your relationship your between body, mind, heart? What’s your relationship to purpose, passion and play?


Envision + Embody

Ecstatic Vision is a body-centric program designed to help you Envision + Embody™ your empowered life through attentive alignment of body, mind and heart. This is a coaching, healing, connecting, processing, releasing, growing, honesty-cultivating, get-real-with-yourself process. It intelligently combines the benefits of traditional vision boarding with Atticus Mooney’s Embodied Vision Board™ technique to provide a wholesomely integrated somatic experience that expedites transformation and sustains positive behavior and belief patterns. Ecstatic Vision is designed to generate alignment physically, mentally and emotionally.

Because sometimes it’s not enough to slap some pictures on a board and kick back to “manifest.”

Establishing this harmony between body, mind and heart is crucial for generating true momentum towards your desired life vision. It’s less likely that you’ll backtrack on your goals - especially the challenging ones - when you’ve anchored alignment on all levels. An embodied process ensures that your physicality, thoughts/beliefs and emotions are moving congruently towards a goal.

You can finally trust your intuition, blaze through inevitable obstacles and generate incredible momentum towards authentic, nourishing visions that are actually what you want, not what society or false idols have imposed. You’ll find that your desired opportunities simply arrive, consistently.

This is the sort of attunement that an Embodied Vision Board™ experience delivers.

Ready to Receive

Ecstatic Vision is available in two formats: in-person and online

The in-person program is a full or half-day experience that incorporates personal and interactive exercises that get to the heart of things quickly. Expect to move, write, vocalize and play connection games that reveal the depths of your being in relation to others. Each workshop explores a specific aspect of anchoring an Embodied Vision Board™ into your life.

The online program delivers a complete Embodied Vision Board™ journey at your own pace. Expect to move, write, vocalize and explore the depths of your being. The course is designed in modules that explore unique aspects of the visionary process. You’ll receive videos, meditations, guided exercises, a PDF journal book, group check-in calls and a one-to-one 90-minute coaching session with Atticus. You’ll have lifetime access, which means that as this course grows - so will your resources! This course will become available in December 2019!


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