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I offer you experiences that spark connections.

From meditative soundscapes to bass-bumping dance parties, or one-on-one sessions — I’ve got something to support you in unlocking your creative expression and finding your flow.

Ecstatic Dance

In 2016, I founded Ecstatic Dance D.C., the first of its kind in the metro area. I’ve worked since then to provide a playful, transformative and creative community space. Ecstatic Dance is a global movement that is revolutionizing the conscious ‘party’ scene through dynamic DJ sets that don't linger in one genre for long. Our dance floor is barefoot, non-verbal and all about the movement - we show up to dance ourselves clean!


Embodiment Coaching

Embodiment coaching is a physical, emotional and cognitive approach to personal development. The baseline objective is to connect you to your body. This may sound more simple than it actually is. In fact, knowing the statistics of diseased, depressed and unsatisfied humans in the world, it’s clear that we’re thoroughly dis-connected.

And that’s how you and I come together to work. My job is to help you establish a healthy relationship with your body so that you can thrive in every single aspect of your life.

This is a one-to-one program over the course of three to six months.



When I’m not on the dance floor or guiding movement workshops, I’m in the booth weaving a story. I’m a dancer first and always, so my DJ style reflects my desire to inspire movement and connection. I craft electronic music journeys that feature global rhythms, dance-able beats, folkloric instruments and melodic grooves.

I’ve offered Ecstatic Dance journeys in NYC, Dallas, the Bay Area and Washington, DC. In addition to Ecstatic DJ training in Portugal. I’ve opened for popular artists such as Sabo of Sol Selectas, Christian Löffler and Marcus Worgull.

Listen on Soundcloud:

Musings Collection

Ecstatic Dance Mixes



I have over six years experience facilitating yoga and meditation; and hold over 800 hours in personal teacher certifications and trainings. I’ve also facilitated in three 200-hour yoga teacher trainings to develop new teachers.

While in Washington, DC I facilitate classes for Daybreaker, The Kennedy Center, The Hirshhorn Museum of Modern Art, many government and corporate offices, as well as at studios in public classes or with private clients. My dedication to somatic exploration will elevate your yoga practice to one of profound awakening through meditative movement.

Practice monthly with me at Daybreaker DC

Practice with me for Sound Health Initiative at The Kennedy Center on select Saturdays

Image by Jon Ackaoui, Daybreaker 2019